Art & Design

Art and design rely on a close combination of creativity and skill. While you can produce pieces with only one or the other, art of the highest quality comes from an artist’s mastery of natural creativity. The artist has the freedom to set limits and techniques to fit the piece, but like a gardener pruning shrubbery to help the plants grow stronger, skilled artists shape their talent over time to truly reach their full potential.

At Huntington University, we provide the space for creativity to grow and the instruction and support you need to turn your natural abilities into world-class artistry. Our goal is to prepare you to be a professional artist who engages in our visual culture creatively and redemptively. A portfolio is not required for entry; however, once enrolled, students must pass a Second Year Portfolio Review to continue in the Department of Art & Design programs.

Unleash your creativity and hone your skill — simultaneously.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts

With a degree in fine arts, you’ll combine your love of creating original art with a deep understanding of others’ works and the rich history of the visual arts. You will complete six hours of advanced studio in your area of specialization in preparation for your senior exhibit and portfolio development. 

Take courses in

  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Art History
  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Figure Drawing
  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design

Participate directly in everyday visual culture by honing skills that will benefit future clients and communicate ideas clearly in a visual medium. We emphasize practical experience in client-based problem solving and creative idea development for the design marketplace, including logo design; poster, brochure, package, advertising, and identity design; copywriting; photography; web design; and illustration.

You will have hands-on experience right away, taking classes in our state-of-the-art digital lab that features 27-inch iMacs with 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 processors, 12 GB of RAM AMD Radeon 6970M 2GB Video cards, and 480 GB SATA Solid State Drives. You will complete advanced studios and an internship in graphic design in preparation for a senior exhibit and portfolio. 

Take courses like

  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Art History 1-2
  • Computer Illustration
  • Digital Photography 1-2
  • Drawing 1-2
  • Illustration
  • Introduction to Adobe Suite Programs
  • Painting 1
  • Visual Communication and Graphics
  • Web Design
Bachelor of Science Degree in Studio Art

Pursue a degree in studio art and specialize in the medium of your choice through deep study and studio time. While this degree retains much of the liberal arts breadth of a Bachelor of Arts degree, its focus on studio practice and theory pushes you toward a refined and professional art form. You will complete 12 hours of advanced studio in your area of specialization in preparation for your senior exhibit and portfolio development.

The studio art program is geared toward students with a high level of competence and motivation who are serious about becoming professional artists or pursuing graduate-level study (such as an MFA).

Take courses in

  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Art History
  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Figure Drawing
  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
Bachelor of Science Degree in Visual Arts Education

What first encouraged you to unleash your creativity? If you have a passion for being that first moment of encouragement for others, a degree in visual arts education is for you. At graduation, you will be qualified to obtain a preschool-12 teaching license and teach in schools, museums, art centers, and more. 

Huntington students have a very high rate of passage on state education competency tests. Our NCATE-accredited program is specifically designed for students who wish to obtain an Indiana teaching license, but reciprocity agreements between Indiana and other states help graduates find employment nationwide. Though many graduates prefer to teach in school settings, other art education graduates are employed in related fields, such as community art center education and museum education. 

Take courses like

  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Art History 1-2
  • Ceramics
  • Digital Photography
  • Drawing 1-2
  • Elementary & Secondary Visual Arts Methods
  • Foundations of Art Education
  • Introduction to Adobe Suite
  • Painting 1-2

Faith, Creativity, and the Liberal Arts

Art is important because it encourages us to think, question, imagine, explore, and dream. It challenges and expands our understanding of the world by confronting us with other perspectives. At Huntington University, a liberal arts education provides additional perspectives that deepen your work by expanding your knowledge of other professional fields of study.  

Our students are taught to be creative problem solvers with a thoughtful, responsible, and open mind capable of generating multiple solutions to contemporary visual challenges as well as offering insight and explanation to current social issues. We believe it is essential that you learn to make art that is relevant to our visual culture, seeks out beauty, celebrates individuality, and engages the community. 


Performance Grants

Financial awards specifically for students in the Department of Art & Design are available.

Studio Spaces

Drawing and Painting Studio: 2,000 square feet, including a ventilated spray booth, heavy-duty easels, a still life resource room, individual studio space, drawing benches, and track lighting

Ceramics Studio: Equipped with 16 electric potter’s wheels, a slab roller, extruder, pug mill, clay mixer, small and large glaze spray booths, electric, forced air gas, and raku kilns, and a pit firing area

Digital Studio: Houses the latest Mac computers, Wacom tablets, film and flatbed scanners, and printers, with software for design, drawing, web design, image manipulation, and multimedia

3D Studio: Contains soldering irons, an arc welder, plaster and stone carving equipment, saws and sanders, a drill press, heavy-duty workspaces, and numerous hand and power tools

2D Design Studio: Used for studio classes, this space includes 15 lighted drafting tables

Smaller studio spaces include a photography studio with lighting and backdrop for studio photography, a dark room, and a printmaking studio.

Robert E. Wilson Art Gallery

Stop by the Merillat Centre for the Arts for a visit to the Robert E. Wilson Gallery. The Gallery presents a series of rotating exhibits throughout the year, featuring work from student, faculty, and professional artists. Students have the opportunity to display their art for show annually. The Gallery’s permanent collection includes paintings by a variety of contemporary American and European artists. It is open weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., before and after all Merillat Centre for the Arts performances, and by appointment. 

Kappa Pi

Kappa Pi is an international art fraternity based on academic achievement and artistic excellence. The Zeta Alpha Pi chapter was established at Huntington University to recognize and honor Foresters who have excelled in the visual arts academically and creatively. It offers qualified art majors opportunities to become involved in activities that further achievement in the visual arts, the purposes of the Department of Art & Design, and the development of an atmosphere conducive to providing the highest quality visual arts education at HU.  
Involvement in Kappa Pi is strongly encouraged for all qualified art majors. As an honorary fraternity, members must be art majors who have completed 12 credit hours in the major/minor with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the major/minor, good attendance, and quality artwork. In exchange for this high academic achievement, our fraternity offers competitive scholarships for members, and Zeta Alpha Pi sponsored activities are especially helpful for students interested in pursuing a career in art. 

National Art Education Association

The leading professional organization for art educators, the National Art Education Association (NAEA) aims to provide professional development, services, leadership, and research to promote art education.

More than 20,000 active members are a part of the NAEA. Huntington University has an active student chapter that strives to develop further expertise in art teaching practices through collaboration, networking, and teaching opportunities. The chapter benefits the surrounding community by building a strong professional community of art educators and new leaders in the field of art education.

Annually, the Huntington University NAEA student chapter members:

  • Organize the annual high school art show in the Robert E. Wilson Art Gallery from start to finish by communicating with area art teachers, marketing the show, hanging work, handing out awards at a reception, and more
  • Attend the annual Art Education Association of Indiana (AEAI) state convention
  • Offer private art lessons to students in the community

Elected student officers decide on other activities each year. Past events have included visiting the Indianapolis Art Center, taking local scout troops on gallery visits to the Robert E. Wilson Art Gallery, and inviting guest artists to speak with members of the Department of Art & Design.

In 2019, eight students had art accepted to a regional university invitational art competition.
You’ll have access to five studio spaces, each with designated equipment to make your vision come to life.
In 2021, Huntington University students, including graphic design majors, won 16 American Advertising Federation awards at the Fort Wayne Honors.
In one academic year, 10 students have received performance grants.
At the 29th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit at Huntington University, 20 students received awards.
Our drawing and studio spaces encompass 2,000 square feet.

Learn More

Rebekah Steffen, Graphic Design and Film Capstone (2021)

“One of my biggest passions in life is creating works of art. Constantly, I use my creativity, and [I] have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember! Graphic design is a great way for me to apply that love of art into a career in the future.”

Kayla ZurBurg, Visual Art Education (2022)

“Huntington University has grown me as a whole person. I have developed a deep understanding of the arts and their relation to both others and self, been challenged to think more like a teacher, and studied other interesting subjects. In addition to academic knowledge, Huntington has given me the opportunity to grow both socially and spiritually.”

Jeanie Miller (2018)

“It’s very intentional, it’s very personal, and I really like that because it really encourages each artist to grow. The professors are amazing. They encourage us to not only make good artwork, but to be stewards in Christ. They help you each step of the way, but they also want you to do your own thing. They want us to run with it and experiment. That’s what I really like about the art program here; it’s very individual. But it’s also focused on a greater goal, building the kingdom of God, which I think is really cool.” 

Dr. Barb Michel, Associate Professor of Art

“My very favorite part about teaching at HU is working with our art students and helping guide them to pursue successful art-related careers following graduation.”

Have you heard these myths?

Myth 1: My options for displaying art will be limited in small-town Midwest.

Truth: We have a thriving art scene on campus and in the area. From exhibitions in the Robert E. Wilson Art Gallery to collaborations with other departments on campus to Fort Wayne design competitions, we offer access (and a track record of success) to art and design opportunities that will build your portfolio, if you pursue them.

Myth 2: I will struggle to find a job.

Truth: Our graduates find jobs in a dizzying number of industries. Around the world, companies and schools are looking for artists, teachers, and designers who know how to create good design creatively, skillfully, and ethically. Graduates find careers as freelancers, in agencies, in schools, and in studios. The possibilities are endless for a creative thinker.

Three girls are standing in the grass at Huntington University wearing HU t-shirts. Three girls are standing in the grass at Huntington University wearing HU t-shirts.


With over 70 academic avenues to choose from, Huntington University does more than provide you with a nationally-recognized education. We help you discover who God wants you to be through building the whole you. And when it comes to building the whole you, nobody does it better.
A girl is sitting at a desk with a computer studying and taking notes with a computer on her left and an open book in front of her. A girl is sitting at a desk with a computer studying and taking notes with a computer on her left and an open book in front of her.


Our goal is to make your grad school experience as positive and productive as possible. We do that through affordable rates, convenient class options, and industry-expert faculty.
A man is setting at the table at home studying on his laptop with his little child on his lap looking up at him. A man is setting at the table at home studying on his laptop with his little child on his lap looking up at him.


Huntington University offers online degree options that provide a high-quality, convenient educational experience with a solid Christ-centered foundation. Online classes allow for maximum flexibility with no requirements of being online at specific times.
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