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Bring in Spring with the March MCA Preview

As the chilly winter months in Indiana come to an end, Huntington University will be springing to life with Merillat Centre for the Arts events! Check out all the MCA has to offer in March.
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Music Matters

God lent us His creativity for a reason. Art brings life Art speaks when we struggle to find words, art sparks conversation, and, obviously, art gives us something to admire. However, I find music to be an especially fascinating medium. Music is more than something we observe; it literally gets into our heads.
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Need a Spark? HU Theatre Presents “These Shining Lives”

One of the women in the play says that everyone dies twice: once when their physical bodies die, but then again when no one remembers them. I am looking forward to keeping the memories of these incredible woman alive by telling their story of strength and courage.
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Summer Camp, My Prologue to DMA

At the start of my freshman year at Huntington University, as soon as I sat down in the animation lab in Becker Hall, my first thought was “it’s good to be back.”
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I Went on Adam Widener’s TV Adventure

In early November of 2023, my film-major friend asked if I would like to guest star in an upcoming episode of The Treehouse, a show on Huntington University’s YouTube channel. The following Tuesday, I ventured into the shrouded corner of campus known as the TV studio to be questioned by film students.
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What Can You Do with an Art & Design Degree?

Art is more than making nice things to put on display. Artists are involved in commerce, manufacturing, architecture, and more. Here are some brief descriptions of jobs you can get with a degree in art and design.
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Tuck Everlasting: The Musical

Winnie Foster has lived her whole life under the strict authority of her mom. According to Winnie, she isn’t allowed to have any fun even though she’s a good girl. One day, she decides to go into her woods for the first time. While in the woods, she meets the Tuck family. What Winnie doesn’t know is that the Tucks are immortal.
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Need Some Holiday Cheer? The MCA December Preview is Here!

As you finish your finals, turn in research papers, and submit internship hours, you want to experience a little holiday cheer on campus before you go home to celebrate with those closest to you. Check out the events that the Merillat Centre for the Arts (MCA) has planned for December.
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November Events to Mark on Your Calendar

In November, our side of the globe may be turning colder in preparation for winter, but the creative minds from the Merillat Centre of the Arts are only getting warmed up. The MCA welcomes you to wrap up this autumn enjoying a variety of musical, theatre, and visual arts.
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My Favorite Class Project of 2022-2023

Despite aspiring to specialize in 2D character animation, I think the project I enjoyed most in 2022-2023 was all about animating text. The project was called “kinetic typography.” We had to take an audio clip and create subtitles that would appear and move to complement the dialogue.