No two business graduates are alike. Some combine management and marketing; others prefer accounting and economics and finance. At Huntington University, we designed our curriculum so that you can identify and pursue multiple majors that will help you reach your goals and make incredible dreams a reality.


The common thread in all this customizability is our department’s multifaceted approach to business. Our graduates seek growth and profit, but they also know how to approach business thoughtfully, recognizing their role as stewards of resources wherever they work.


That’s where we do our best business – at the corner of profit and generosity.

Degree Programs

Begin your journey with a core collection of business classes, then follow the specific tracks that speak to you and your future goals.ESSENTIAL BUSINESS CLASSES:• Business Organization and Management • Business Law • Business Seminar in Social Issues • Business Software Applications • Financial Management • Introduction to Probability and Statistics • Mathematics for Managerial and Social Sciences • Principles of Accounting 1-2 • Principles of Macroeconomics • Principles of Microeconomics

Prepare for certification exams and employment through courses like

  • Advanced Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Cost Management
  • Institutional Income Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
Economics and Finance

Learn effective financial strategies through courses like

  • Global Economics
  • Investments
  • Labor Economics
  • Public Finance
  • Real Estate

Understand how to manage resources through courses like

  • Business Communications
  • Global Economics
  • Human Resources Management
  • Operations Management
  • Principles of Marketing

Increase your market awareness through courses like

  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Market Research
  • Organizational Communication
  • Social Media
Entrepreneurial Small Business Management

Develop new business ideas through courses like

  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Developing an Entrepreneurial Perspective
  • Feasibility Analysis and Business Plan
  • Operations Management
  • Salesmanship
Sport Management

Explore leadership in athletics through courses like

  • Business Law
  • Issues in Sport and Recreation Management
  • Leadership and Programming in Recreation and Sports
  • Principles and Practices of Sport Management
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology

Entrepreneurial Start-ups

Build entrepreneurial skills in Huntington's business program Build entrepreneurial skills in Huntington

If you have a dream and a business plan, we have resources available. Two start-ups from past students are now ongoing student-led for-profit businesses. Working for these businesses enables you to try out real jobs in real time as a manager, accountant, marketing executive, and more. And did we mention you’ll get paid?

  • CLEAR INSIGHTS provides business services for clients seeking accounting help, videography, website development, or other contracts.

  • CLEAR DISTRIBUTION sells inventory and fulfills Amazon orders. Since 2016, Clear Distribution has completed 22,801 transactions and had sales revenue of $900,473.58.

All of our full-time faculty have industry experience in either the nonprofit or for-profit sector.
UB Launch, an enterprise of Huntington University, offers 24/7 access to office space you can rent for your business.
Our full-time faculty have over 110 years of combined teaching experience at Huntington University.
8.7 million
Since 2005, small businesses in the United States have created 8.7 million net new private sector jobs.
William Lengacher, Accounting, Economics & Finance, and International & Development Studies (2022)

"My experience at HU has made me a more outwardly focused person. The emphasis on community here means you grow to care for others and begin to focus on their needs more than your own."

Business professor Brock Zehr
Dr. Brock Zehr, Assistant Professor of Business and Director of the MBA Program

"I believe we can worship God through our work and how we practice business. I hope I can share wisdom from my experience, God’s Word, and best business practices to prepare students for successful, fulfilling careers in business."

Cindy In’t Groen Management and Marketing (2020)

"I decided to major in business because there’s so much that can be done within this area. I don’t know what my future holds – God hasn’t shown me yet – but I love helping others. I hope whichever path God leads me, I will be able to glorify Him in all that I do."

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Debunking the Myths

Getting work experience while I’m in school will be difficult.

Experiential learning (the kind of learning that puts you in real-world situations) is essential to your HU education. On campus, we have two student-led for-profit businesses and opportunities for new start-ups. Off campus, we have connections with industry leaders and a reputation for sending excellent interns out into the community. With our support, these opportunities can help you accumulate work experience and figure out which industry or specialty you want to pursue in a career.

MYTH 2: Real business learning takes place outside the classroom.

Learning outside of the classroom through internships is important, and you’ll benefit from our extensive network of contacts. But we’ll also teach you practical skills in the classroom through software that simulates real-world economics and financial planning, research projects, and presentations that help you practice business communication.

MYTH 3: I’ll get the same experience at a non-Christian school.

True, you’ll graduate with similar credentials from other schools, but only a Christian liberal arts university like HU provides a strong community where you’ll encounter:

  • Faculty and staff who teach through a lens of faith, engage with you on hard questions, and encourage you to grow academically and spiritually
  • A unique chance to live and study alongside other believers
  • Opportunities to grow spiritually through chapel, small groups, service, and classes