Economics and Finance

'Salt and Light' in Your Profession

Girded by faith, equipped with relevant skills and abilities, and confident in their calling, Huntington economics and finance graduates effectively serve as “salt and light” within their chosen profession. As an economics and finance major, you will be prepared to enter the professions of financial services, banking, insurance, risk management, real estate, and more.

“Our program helps students apply theories and concepts they’ve learned in class to practical, real-world problems.  Our goal is not just to train business people, but to educate the heart and mind – to help people become effective stewards.”  - Dr. Ann McPherren, Economics Professor

You will gain both textbook knowledge and hands-on experience in the program. Moreover, we will come along side you as you develop a Christian foundation for making business decisions. You will become a better consumer while emphasizing the importance of financial and resource stewardship. Issues related to wealth, financial achievement, and faith will be central to your study.

Real-World Experiences

HU Ventures have been created for students to put their learning to work starting as soon as they begin their studies. In addition to Clear Insights, Clear Distribution and Forester Coffee Co., the department also offers a wide variety of off campus internships. Huntington University’s Enterprise Resource Center will help you land internship experiences that will benefit both you and the company for which you will work.

Clear Insights

Clear Insights is an entirely student-led business with one main mission: to provide your business with affordable, high-quality services.

Clear Distribution

Clear Distribution gives you the opportunity to learn the fulfillment by amazon system, develop product concepts, purchase and manage inventory and more.

Where are HU grads today?

Adam Christner, 2013

Adam Christner knew right away that God was calling him to Huntington University. He wanted to play baseball and earn a degree in business, and after visiting campus, he felt an immediate connection with the players and with the business professors. He decided to major in economics and finance because he wanted to go into a career that enabled him to impact peoples’ lives.

“I chose finance because it is a way that I can partner with individuals to help them accomplish their financial goals, which makes a significant life impact,” he said.

His favorite aspect of the business department was the personal attention he received from his business professors.

“The business department at HU is full of real-life professors,” he said. “Their background in the real world and the stories they shared made as much as an impact on me as reading and studying the textbooks. They are authentic, genuine people who are not only great educators but great friends. All of the professors had their own unique way of standing out to me, personally, but the common trait that still stands out to me, even today, is that they always took the time to talk and listen if I had questions, concerns or thoughts. Even today, they will still take the time to listen. That caring makes me want to pay it forward.”

After graduating in 2013, he relocated to Marion, Indiana to work at Edward Jones. Two of his HU professors helped him get into contact with an Edwards Jones financial advisor in Huntington so he could do a summer internship with the company. He stayed in touch afterwards and applied for a job after graduating.

What would he say to a new business student at HU?

“When it came to my education at Huntington, the department was able to blend real world experiences with textbook lectures that helped me have a much deeper understanding of the subject,” he said. “If you truly want to be successful, learn the art of listening and asking questions; asking questions and listening will lead you down a successful path.”