Small Business Management

The Entrepreneurial Small Business Management program at Huntington University will help cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit and give you the skills necessary to be successful in your own start up or small business.

Huntington University Ventures was created to give students a place to learn, practice, and hone their skills. Top leadership experiences are available as well as many project management slots. Clear Insights allows you to interact with and serve other businesses in marketing, research, event planning, web design and social media, accounting and more. Clear Distribution gives you the opportunity to learn the fulfillment by amazon system, develop product concepts, purchase and manage inventory and more. And if you want to create your own venture, start-up funds are available through a revolving loan fund made possible by the Lilly Endowment. Classes designed to help you develop a business plan and formulate your product or service are built right into the program.

Skills to Be Your Own Boss

The number of small businesses in the U.S. has increased by almost 50 percent over the past 20 years. There are approximately 22 million small businesses today. At Huntington University, you will gain the analytical, problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills necessary for success.

You will take classes in a variety of academic disciplines, including management, accounting, economics, office administration, and mathematics. You will develop business competence along with technical skill. You will receive a strong academic preparation learning from credentialed faculty who care about you, your faith, your learning and your future.  will graduate with a broad, well-balanced education that expands your career opportunities and prepares you for graduate study.

Build entrepreneurial skills in Huntington's business program Build entrepreneurial skills in Huntington

Entrepreneurship Certificate

If you would like to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur, this certificate program can help. Open to all students who are interested in learning how to create a business, start a movement or bring an idea to life, the Business department offers a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. Students completing 15 hours of course, seminar and applied learning experiences in will earn the certificate in Entrepreneurship.  The certificate program provides opportunities for career exploration, idea cultivation, entrepreneurial encouragement and applied work experience. 

Clear Insights

Clear Insights is an entirely student-led business with one main mission: to provide your business with affordable, high-quality services.

Clear Distribution

Clear Distribution gives you the opportunity to learn the fulfillment by amazon system, develop product concepts, purchase and manage inventory and more.

Where are HU grads today?

Lance Wood, 2013

Ohio native Lance Wood made his decision to attend Huntington University based on the inviting, Christian atmosphere of the campus. He graduated in 2013 and is the current owner of Lance Wood State Farm in Perrysburg, Ohio. His favorite things about his job is having ownership, financial freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to be a community leader. Lance felt more prepared than he “had ever dreamed” to start his job, because Huntington University had given him skills to be self aware and to lead a team effectively.

“I became a business owner less than a year and a half out of college,” he said.

The most enjoyable aspects of his time at HU was his involvement with the professors.

“The teachers truly care about your success. My perspective on just getting an ‘A’ changed to ‘what did I learn from this class,’" he said.

His favorite professor was Dr. Dave McEowen, who always put students before himself. He gained insight on accepting constructive coaching and setting goals to stretch oneself. He also acknowledges that his involvement with Cross Country and Track taught him drive and discipline.

Would he recommend Huntington to a perspective student?

“100% YES. I owe my dream coming true at a young age to the knowledge and quality instilled into the education that I received at Huntington University.”