Special Needs Ministry


Ministry that is accessible to all

God’s love and truth are accessible to all, and ministry should be as well. At Huntington University, studying special needs ministry prepares you to partner with the church and community in a meaningful way that makes ministry opportunities more accessible. You will have resources and necessary skills to create and lead ministries which will allow people with intellectual and physical challenges to participate fully in God's community.


    Special Needs Ministry Curriculum

    The unique design of HU's special needs ministry program combines ministry courses with courses in special education in order to equip you for ministry that is accessible to all. You will also gain immersive, hands-on ministry experience through the PRIME experience, along with service opportunities within Huntington University’s own organizations and extracurricular activities.

    Take Courses Like:
    • Mission of the Church
    • Lifespan Development for Ministry
    • Relationships in Ministry
    • Ministry Leadership
    • Personal Life of the Minister
    • Youth Ministry
    • Teaching for Character Transformation
    • Education of the Exceptional Learner
    • Foundations of Special Education

    Dedicated Faculty and Staff

    I’m Ready!

    Take the next step towards your special needs ministry degree!

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