Communication Studies

Communication studies has enjoyed a long legacy at Huntington University. When Central College (later renamed Huntington College and then Huntington University) first opened its doors in 1897, communication studies was one of its first majors. Learning how to communicate effectively and engagingly was important in the nineteenth century and is still important today, perhaps now more than ever.

Everyone communicates…

…but only some communicate well.

The communication studies major at Huntington University is unique in allowing students to gain a solid grasp of communication principles while exploring additional skill areas. Our program requires students to take classes outside of the department in addition to their communication classes, but they get to choose which classes to take.

As a result, you have the ability to integrate communication fundamentals with another area of study that interests you, such as science, literature, music, business, marketing, education, or ministry. You begin to carve out a specialized niche in your discipline or field of choice, learning how to communicate well in a variety of academic and possible career settings. 

In your department-specific classes, you will focus on elements of organizational, interpersonal, cross-cultural, and mass communication. You will also learn about theories of communication and rhetoric.

At Huntington University, turn a solid foundation in communication into a variety of careers.

The wide assortment of study in this major allows limitless career opportunities for graduates. The world needs businesspeople, writers, doctors, lawyers, and many more who can communicate well with their intended audience. Due to its breadth, the communication studies track is also suited for students considering the pursuit of a master’s or doctoral degree. 

In addition to engaging coursework, Huntington University offers internships, practicums, and student-work positions for students to gain practical experience in a variety of settings while pursuing their degree. Whether you are interested in entering the business world or you want to sharpen your writing or speaking savvy, a degree in communication studies from Huntington University just might be the perfect fit for you.