Criminal Justice Degree (B.A.)

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice at Huntington University, you will be prepared for a career in corrections, juvenile justice, law, criminology, addictions, and public policy, to name a few options. Above all, you will learn how to uphold law in communities through the lens of Christianity.

Christ. Scholarship. Service.

God calls Christians to share redemptive love with others, and the criminal justice field has the unique opportunity to show love to people who have violated the law or who are victims of law violations.

The knowledge you gain from Huntington University’s criminal justice program will prepare you well for living out your calling as you protect and serve the community.

Criminal Justice Major

Our criminal justice program draws on expertise from stellar professors in departments such as social work, sociology, psychology, history and political science, and pre-law

By the time you graduate, you will have exposure to an array of subjects and well-rounded training in criminal justice. You will also take elective courses that will tailor your degree to your interests.

Criminal Justice Minor

A minor in criminal justice is an asset for students who want to major in another program but also want exposure to the field of criminal justice. Our minor works particularly well when enhancing programs such as psychology, political science, sociology, social work, or one of our pre-law tracks.

Merge foundational knowledge with real-world resources.

In addition to excellent courses in criminal justice, you will have the opportunity to apply your classroom learning to a variety of practical experiences.

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