Mathematics Education

As a mathematics education major, you will receive rigorous training in mathematics while gaining comprehensive experience in a series of courses, field experiences, and extensive classroom experience throughout your HU career.

As a mathematics student, you will be prepared to help your future students develop skills in problem solving, logical reasoning, and the application of modern technology. At Huntington, you will experience the individual attention normally associated with small liberal arts colleges with the educational opportunities and research-active faculty normally found only at major universities.

As an education graduate, you will be licensed to teach grades 5-12 in math.

At Huntington, you will gain specifically designed skills for mathematics education majors that will give you hands-on, practical experiences every semester. You will complete a three-week, full-day practicum as well as a number of other observation and participation hours in the actual classroom before you ever begin student teaching. At Huntington, you will gain wide exposure to different grade levels and styles of teaching and learning.v