Legal Studies Minor

Huntington University graduates are competitive contenders for admission into law school. Alums have attended such notable grad schools as Notre Dame, IU Bloomington, and Marquette. With a minor in legal studies, students are prepared for a smooth transition to law school or into a career in the legal profession. This minor supplements a major program by giving students increased understanding of the law and the American legal system.

The HU Difference

HU’s minor in legal studies combines courses from political science, criminal justice, history, philosophy, and economics. In each of these courses, students will gain more than mere textbook knowledge. They will grapple with complex legal issues and learn how to research and articulate their own understanding of the legal system. As a result, they will have the practical experience they need to tackle the next step in their career.



Career Paths

A background in legal studies opens doors to a career in the American legal system, whether that be in a courtroom, a legal office, or a legislative department. This minor would be particularly beneficial when combined with programs in criminal justice, philosophy, history, and a host of other degree programs Huntington University offers.

Reveal a World of Possibilities

Develop high-order transferable skills in literary and oral communication, argument analysis, teamwork, and independent research.

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