Political Science

In a world where politics are becoming more obvious and complex, it's important for students to understand both content and process. With the foundation of a liberal arts educations, political science students receive a well-rounded collegiate experience, culminating in an understanding of not only the how of the political process, but the why as well. Students may choose to major or minor in political science. 

What Will I Study? 

Huntington University's political science degree is designed to prepare you for advanced work in law, political science, and other social sciences. This degree is designed for those students who wish to study and understand the practical and theoretical elements of the political process, both historically and in the present day.

The HU Difference

It's not uncommon for students to dream big and then become overwhelmed after graduation. HU's political science program doesn't let that happen. How? Through student groups that actively engage students and realistically prepare them for what grad school (and life after grad school) is like. Professionals in the legal and political fields are brought in to give students a true understanding of what they can expect in either field, and field trips are designed to expand students worldview as they prepare for their future. 

Career Paths

Studying political science doesn't mean that a student must become a politician. HU graduates have gone on to be lawyers, bankers, political advisors, journalists, teachers, professors, marketers, just to name a few possible paths. HU political science majors are required to complete an internship that will provide extended exposure to patterns of political behavior and the formation of public policy. Your internship can include opportunities with a department of local, state or federal government, political party, public affairs organization or advocacy group. Huntington University’s Enterprise Resource Center will help you land the right internship experience that will benefit both you and the company for which you will work.