Exercise and Movement Science

Positions in physical therapy, occupational therapy, allied health, and medicine are just a few of the career choices made possible by a degree in exercise and movement science.

Prepared for Your Future

The exercise and movement science major is an entry-level program that prepares undergraduates for graduate work or professional training. Students may use this undergraduate program as a foundation for graduate programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, chiropractic medicine, physician assistant school, medical school, and others. Students could view this program as “Pre-PT” or “Pre-OT.”

Breadth of Skills and Experience

Students in the exercise and movement science program take course work grounded in basic sciences and mathematics: chemistry, physics, biological sciences (cell biology, human anatomy and physiology), statistics, and psychology. These are combined with Department of Kinesiology and Recreation Management courses in exercise physiology, exercise psychology, biomechanics, and research that will help students become well-rounded and firmly grounded in the basics of exercise science in preparation for graduate and professional work. Students in this program are required to take 9 credits worth of experiential learning (3 credits of a Practicum experience; 6 credits of an Internship experience), totaling more than 400 clock hours of practical experience.

If you are ready for an intense undergraduate preparation on your way to advanced professional training, the exercise and movement science program is for you.