Christ.  Scholarship.  Service.


At Huntington, we want to create Christ-centered, analytical individuals who are fully prepared for their career choice after graduation.

Design Your Major

Within the math major, we give students three concentration tracks to narrow their career focus.

  • The theoretical track is a more traditional track. It's best suited for students who are interested in graduate school.
  • The computational track will focus more on math and computer programming. It is best suited for students who are interested in applying math to careers in computers or industry.
  • The actuarial track is specifically designed to build actuary skills and is best suited for students who desire a career in that field.

One-on-One Attention

At Huntington, you will experience the individual attention normally associated with small liberal arts colleges with the educational opportunities and research-active faculty normally found only at major universities.

At Huntington University, your peers and professors will share a common denominator that most other schools factor out—God. God and mathematics might strike some as a logical contradiction, but not at Huntington University. In the tradition of Kepler, Newton, Pascal and other Christian mathematicians, we’ll prepare you for a career in mathematics while keeping in mind the larger equation.