Beauty in Balance

Math is both beautiful and analytic, both fascinating and practical. At Huntington University, we find beauty in the balance.

All of our mathematics degrees build on a common set of classes. From there, you can choose to specialize in the direction that interests you. In the mathematics core, you’ll take classes like

• Abstract Algebra

• Calculus I, II, and III

• Geometry

• History of Mathematics

• Introduction to Computer Science or Programming II

• Introduction to Discrete Mathematics • Introduction to Mathematical Proofs

• Linear Algebra

• Number Theory

• Probability & Mathematical Statistics

• Seminar in Mathematic

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics, you’ll have a thorough introduction to all that mathematics is and all that it can be. Customize your course list to take the upper-level mathematics classes that will best suit your future plans.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Prepare for professional opportunities and graduate studies in mathematics with a robust list of mathematics courses. Then, we’ll help you develop the practical tools to use your math skills in creative and innovative ways that can change the world.