Ministry and Missions

All Christians (and Foresters) are called to impact the world for Christ, but those in ministry and missions have a unique position to have a frontline impact on others. Careers in ministry and missions are full of relationships that teach and encourage others to pursue spiritual maturity.

The Huntington University Ministry and Missions Department takes a discipleship-based approach to education, preparing you to implement biblically-sound strategies for ministry. We value critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity while integrating biblical truth, evangelical theology, church history, and educational psychology and methodology.

Ministry that suits your calling.

We offer both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees, with five possible majors:

We offer minors in missions, youth ministry, and worship leadership. You can also expand your studies by pursuing a master’s degree through our online Master of Arts in ministry program.

Planning to serve in a cross-cultural or multi-lingual setting? Our Institute for TESOL Studies has the training you will need.

Connections for the Future

Our professors are dedicated to raising strong spiritual leaders because they each have their own ministry experience. With years of practical knowledge and formal education, they are just the people to help you grow in your commitment to ministry and missions. 

We also have years of connections with a variety of organizations who provide valuable internships and practical experiences for our students. 

Just a few of those organizations:

  • Youth for Christ, both locally and nationally
  • World Changers
  • International World Changers
  • Kairos
  • International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry 
  • Journal of Youth Ministry
  • Youth Worker Journal

PRIME Experiences for Growth

The highlight of your experience at Huntington University will be the summer and fall of your senior year when you immerse yourself full-time in ministry through a Practical Research and Immersion for Ministry Effectiveness (PRIME) Experience.

This seven-month internship, designed specifically for your goals, will prepare you for life beyond graduation in a unique way. We want you to feel prepared and supported when you find your own place in ministry after graduation, so we give you plenty of practical opportunities during your college journey.

Go Even Further

If ministry is your passion, consider taking your education a step further with Huntington University’s Master of Arts degree in ministry!

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