Huntington University’s pre-law program prepares students for success in the law school admissions process and for the legal profession beyond law school. And the best part, Huntington University has a 100% acceptance rate for students applying to law school.

What Will I Study?

Courses in the pre-law program are designed to enhance students’ critical thinking and writing skills, including the ability to analyze complex problems, synthesize information, and present clear, focused, and persuasive arguments. Students are challenged to begin acquiring skills in advocacy, counseling, and negotiation in our Introduction to Law and Mock Trial courses in the first year of study. In the pre-law program, faculty partner with students to help them prepare for the LSAT and learn how to assemble competitive law school application materials. This is just another way in which the faculty works closely with students to prepare them for their chosen future.   

The HU Difference

Students in HU's pre-law program don't just study law, they study history, philosophy, literature and economics. These courses offer numerous intellectual challenges designed to maximize the student’s cognitive potential. These skills are enhanced through student groups that actively engage students and realistically prepare them for what law school (and life after law school) is like. Professionals in the legal and political field are brought in to give students a true understanding of what they can expect in either field, and field trips are designed to expand students world views as they prepare for their future. 

In addition to all of this, our student-led pre-law club, Eunomia, offers peer mentoring and support.