Biology Pre-Med

One-on-One Attention

As a pre-med biology major at Huntington University, you’ll have opportunities which are not available at larger universities. Importantly, your classes here will not be taught by graduate assistants, but rather by exceptionally credentialed full-time professors. Our faculty are outstanding scientists and engaging instructors. They will challenge you to think critically, work diligently, and integrate faith with your studies.

Students interested in medicine can major in either biology or chemistry, or follow the biochemistry track in the chemistry major. We recommend that you choose the major that best reflects your interests, and excel in that major. In all tracks, you will work closely with the faculty to gain a greater understanding of the foundational sciences required for medical school.

You will have ready access to high-tech equipment and well-stocked labs. You will use research-grade instruments and computers.

Research Opportunities

During the summer, you might partner with your professors on important research projects, land an internship at one of the Midwest’s leading chemical or pharmaceutical research labs, or obtain certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. You might also participate in a short-term medical mission, gaining invaluable experience working alongside U.S. doctors and nurses as they serve the poor in developing countries around the world. Closer to home, you and other pre-medical students may job-shadow physicians, therapists, and nurses, gaining experience in various hospital departments (ER, radiology, etc.). You’ll be well-prepared for med school.