Meet Your RA

RAs (or resident assistants) are in charge of a residence hall floor. They are great resources for information, plan floor events, and are just all-around great people to get to know!

Baker Hall

  • Raylynn Johnson
  • Micah McFadden
  • Angelica Moyer
  • Matthew Raman
  • Katerine Schaab
  • Leah Schmiedel

Livingston Hall

  • Caleb Gulbro
  • Meg McDonald
  • Noah Sauder
  • Lauren Slottke

Meadows Hall

  • Grace Arndt
  • Kayla zurBurg

Miller Hall

  • Joseph Landon

Roush Hall

  • Grethcen Accola
  • Kara Miller
  • Catherine Neese
  • Morgan Robrock
  • Emilee Sheron
  • CaSaundra Taulton

Wright Hall

  • Jesse Franck
  • Braydon Hathaway