Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (BSW)

Social workers bring value to a variety of settings and industries because they act with compassion. They seek to meet people where they are and advocate for them in meaningful ways because they have a heart for making a difference for others.

At Huntington University, we have the added benefit of seeing others through the lens of Christ’s love for them. We work hard to support you so that you can support others in ways that meet their needs.

Wherever you work, pursue a career of compassion.

A few words about the Bachelor of Social Work degree...

By graduation, you should have received three benefits from this professional degree program:

You will learn what you need to pursue a social work license and employment with confidence.


Through practicums and experiences that take you into the community, you will develop an understanding of how social workers really function in day-to-day practice.


Advocating for others with compassion means understanding cultures, beliefs, and values that are different from your own, so we will help you work through how to remain grounded in your faith while being the best advocate for your future clients.

Where there are people, there are social workers.

Social workers appear where and when others might want to turn away. When people face issues that are messy, distressing, or extraordinary, social workers are there to stand in the gap and help connect them to resources and provide support.

We are at work all around the world in

  • Hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Schools and learning centers
  • Social service agencies
  • Courtrooms

Working with 

  • Children
  • Adults
  • Veterans
  • Individuals dealing with addictions, life-altering medical conditions, homelessness, pain, or death

The possibilities for compassionate care are virtually endless for those who understand how to advocate for others with compassion and integrity.

Complete over 500 hours of field experience through at least three field placements by the time you graduate.
From 2020-2030, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 12% increase in social work jobs, a faster than average rate of increase.
All of our graduates who have applied to graduate school have been accepted and received advanced standing status.
In 15 years, we have commissioned over 115 new social workers who are now making an impact through social work practice.
Dr. Carla MacDonald, Associate Professor of Social Work

“An amazing social work professor touched my life with love and support. I promised her that I wanted to touch others’ lives in the same way that she touched mine.”

Suzanne Scheiber (2021)

“Social workers take care of the least of these in this world. We serve God as His hands and lift up the broken. I always felt called to the vocation of service.”

Molly Mitchell (2020)

“My family has been a foster family, and that experience introduced me to the field of social work. As I learned more about the field, I was finally able to connect my desire to serve others with my educational interests.”

"The Social Work professors at Huntington University were passionate about passing on knowledge and about having us learn WELL the foundational theories and practice of our trade. I got a great grounding in ethics and social work principles. Their insistence that we all have a variety of experiences in many different facets of social work practice was good preparation for the turning on a dime and principle-based improvisation I do every day in my work."  Jennifer Poinier Ballinger, MSW, LCSW, Social Worker, class of 2018 

"I could say so many things about the social work department at HU. I was given an amazing education with many different experiences in internships that helped shape me as a social worker. Because of Dr. MacDonald and other professors, I felt confident in my knowledge and skill set to hit the ground running as a new social worker with confidence. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for the social work department at HU." Paige (Jones) Keim, class of 2015 

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Have you heard these myths?

MYTH 1: The social worker job market is limited.

The reality is that there aren’t enough social workers in the world. By 2030, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job opportunities for social workers will increase by 12%, a faster rate than average. Industries, organizations, and agencies all over the world employ social workers, so there are opportunities available in places you might not expect.

MYTH 2: I don’t need a support system.

Being a social worker is tough, as is learning how to be a social worker. You will be at your best when you have a strong support system in place to encourage you to practice self-care and good mental health. We will help you build a network of colleagues and recognize that you are not alone in your quest to make the world a better place for your clients.

MYTH 3: I could get the same experience at a non-Christian school.

True, you’ll graduate with similar credentials from other schools, but only a Christian liberal arts university like HU provides a strong community where you’ll encounter:

  • Faculty and staff who teach through a lens of faith, engage with you on hard questions, and encourage you academically and spiritually
  • A unique chance to live and study alongside other believers
  • Opportunities to grow spiritually through chapel, small groups, service, and classes

Assessment for Student Learning Outcomes

The program seeks to measure the effectiveness of the education for students through administration of the ten (10) core competencies as prescribed by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) in accordance with the 2008 Educational Performance and Assessment Standards (EPAS). For information about our outcomes, please see the Social Work Program's Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes.