Thoughtful, Creative, Artist

The Department of Theatre Arts seeks to develop effective and creative communicators in order to challenge others to thoughtful examination of ideas, cultures, and values. Students majoring in theatre arts will develop skills and thinking that reflect the historical foundations of the discipline as well as recent advances.

Performance and Production

Through both traditional classroom instruction and performance and production experience, students will enhance their skills of observation, analysis, development, and performance in order to better prepare them for their careers and lives. A major in theatre serves the purpose of (a) providing more intensive study in the discipline within the student’s liberal arts education, (b) preparation for advanced training leading to a career in the professional theatre, (c) preparation for graduate work leading to a Master of Arts or a Master of Fine Arts degree in theatre, or (d) preparation for work in a non-commercial field of theatre such as community theatre.

Students in the theatre major will complete 24 hours in theatre plus an additional 12 elective hours from theatre courses to total 36 hours in the major. 

  • TH 212, 224, 311, 312, 331rt, and 341
  • One course from TH 221, 222, or 223
  • Three hours from TH 391, 392, or 393
  • An additional 12 elective hours from theatre courses (excluding TH 391, 392 & 393)