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University Relations tells the Forester story.

The mission of the Office of University Relations is to support Huntington University through marketing, public relations, and internal/external communication. 

And how do we do that? By being ninjas.

A ninja is “a person who excels in a particular skill or activity,” and our particular skill is communication. With zen-like calm, ruthless focus, agility, mindfulness, and unorthodoxy, our team of creative ninjas tell the story of Huntington University, doing our part to rid the world of bad storytelling, mediocre branding, and ineffective processes. 

Join us in our quest.

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If you have questions for University Relations, please contact the Director of Communication at (260) 359-4171 or by emailing

All information, photographs, and graphics generated by the Office of University Relations are property of the University and must be used within the guidelines in which they are released. “Huntington University” is a registered trademark protected by Federal law. The name, logo, and symbols of the University may only be used in connection with officially-sanctioned activities, functions, and events, and may not be used in any manner contrary to the University’s mission and Community Life Agreement. Any use of “Huntington University” or any form thereof on any social media sites must be approved by University Relations, and full editing rights and account access must be provided to the Director of Communication.